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Our Mission

Our primary directive is to restore the standard of living enjoyed by Americans when we led the world by innovative ideas and manufacturing processes. One of the steps to achieve this is to reduce costs from concept to consumer. Yes, we all must be prepared to reduce our profit margins. Only then can we hope to compete for labor on a global level and bring jobs back home. With unemployment high and real estate markets low, the stage is set to begin this with relative ease. By offering our services at reduced rate to noncorporate endeavors, we are doing our part to initiate product development in our country.  If we can create just 2 jobs, we have begun. How many jobs could your project create? How many could 100 projects like yours generate?  1000? We are here to help minimize manufacturing costs to become competitive in the global market. We are here to help you keep it home!

We also urge you to write your congressman and demand that incentives to send work offshore should be eliminated. Let's level the playing field and restore our pride!